Aventium® Classic Credit Card

Aventium® Classic Credit Card

The Aventium® Classic Credit Card is designed for those with less than perfect credit or want to build good credit. This card is issued by "First Premier(R) Bank". It is secured credit card so its best to control your money flow in a very right manner.


Following numbers of features are listed below:

  • Type of Secured MasterCard.
  • Customers can build your credit or improve your credit.
  • Intended for consumers for personal use.
  • Universal Acceptance means can access where the MasterCard logo mark display.
  • 0% APR rate on purchases but it could be variable.
  • The consumer must have checking account.
  • 100% guaranteed approval.
  • When the customer deposit $95 security deposit, gets you a $300 credit limit.
  • Access your account by phone at any time, day or night.
  • Offers quick and easy application.
  • When you apply for credit Card, you will get a response in 60 seconds.
  • The Consumers can report monthly to the major Consumer Reporting Agencies.
  • You can close your account with a $0 balance and receive your security deposit back in full.
  • You should have minimum $225.00 in your account.
  • The new cardholder pays $75.00 to apply for the Aventium Classic Credit Card.
  • $95.00 administrative fee to activate the account.
  • Excellent Customer Services.

Card Issuer

The Aventium® Classic Credit Card issuer is "First PREMIER® Bank."

Contact Details

If you have any query call on-

Customer Services: 800-987-5521

You can mail at:

Postal Address

601 S. Minnesota Ave.,

Sioux Falls,

SD 57104

Ph - (605) 357-3000

For more details visit: www.firstpremier.com