Austin Bank, Texas

Austin Bank is a trusted financial source for the families and business. The bank is FDIC insured online bank that specialized in online banking as well as other banking services. The bank is leading their financial product and services in personal banking and business banking that's why it also called commercial bank.


As discussed above that it operates in personal banking and business banking so it provides a large volume of benefits that are listed below:

  • Free online banking.
  • No maintenance fee for checking accountholder.
  • You can create your account but you must have an email id for this.
  • There are some financial tools available like business management resources, simplified employer pension plan (SEP), and Health Savings account.
  • Bill Payment services.
  • The individuals are able to transfer funds between your Austin Bank Accounts.
  • The bank also offers Originate ACH Transactions that includes Direct Deposit, Cash Concentration, Controlled Disbursements and Electronic Tax Payment.
  • The bank provides debit card, credit card, gift card and its services to the customers.

Austin Bank Products

Austin Bank, in Texas operates as a community bank providing personal and business banking services to individuals and businesses. It offers various banking services, such as checking and savings accounts, loans, and credit cards and automated teller machine card, as well as online banking and telephone banking services.

Besides this services the bank also help you to provide loan products including construction, equipment and machinery, inventory, real-estate, marketable stocks and bonds, small business administration loans, and acquisition loans, mortgages, new construction loans, home improvement loans, refinancing, rental property loans, home equity loans.

The Credit card, Debit card and Gift card is also one of the best financial products that are offered by the Austin Bank.

Customer Care

If you have any issue contact to customer services:

Customer Services: 1-800-644-9275

Lost or Stolen Cards: 1-800-644-9275, 1-800-528-2273 (during non business hours)

Email at: [email protected]

Write them at:

Mail Address

Austin Bank

200 E. Commerce

Jacksonville, TX 75766

Phone: 903-586-1526

Fax: 903-541-2086

Visit the website for more details:

Austin bank Online Banking

Austin provides free online banking for all online customers who holds the Austin bank account. Through online banking the Austin bank customers can manage your account online whether it bill payment or another issue. The Austin Bank Bill Payment Service enables you to pay bills to businesses or individuals anywhere in the US.

How to enroll Austin Internet Banking:

To enroll online banking account,

  • Go to the website:
  • Click on Internet Banking.
  • Enter your valid user-id and password.
  • Click on 'Submit'.
  • Now you can manage your account online from anywhere in U.S.

For more information visit: