AT&T Calling Card

AT&T Calling Card

The AT&T, is Overseas Calling Card, the caller can make international or foreign calls at a reasonable price. AT&T international calls are easy and comfortable with the At&t phone card. It provides you not only with the low in-state but also low state-to-state rates within the USA.

AT&T Calling Card features

Broad array of AT&T Calling Card features are listed below:

  • Overseas or International Calling Card.
  • It is not a prepaid cell phone refill card
  • Buy minutes online, anytime.
  • It is fast, easy, and reliable connections worldwide.
  • The Value of the Card is $50.
  • There is no charge of direct dial.
  • NO Connection Fee.
  • NO Maintenance fee.
  • Rounding is 1 minute.
  • It offers Toll free access number but not local access numbers.
  • There is no charge for Service taxes and Surcharges.
  • Offers Unlimited Validity Period.
  • Prompt Languages is English but you can choose different one.
  • It is not refill card.
  • Outstanding connectivity, domestic and international calling (call from more than 100 foreign countries).
  • The Card never expires.

How it Works

Calling From Outside of US/Canada

  • Dial the AT&T Access Number for the country you are in and wait for the prompt.
  • Dial 800-506-9511 and wait for the prompt.
  • Enter your PIN number and wait for the prompt.
  • Dial your destination number:
  • To US/Canada: 1 + Area code + Phone number
  • Other countries: 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number

Calling From Outside of US/Canada

  • Dial Access Number and wait for the prompt.
  • Enter your PIN number and wait for the prompt.
  • Dial destination number.
  • If no connection is established in 20 seconds, please hang up and try again.
  • To redial, press star three times (***) and dial the destination number.
  • For other options, press pound (#): to hear balance (in US domestic minutes), press 3; for U.S. Directory Assistance, press 4; for Speed Dial, press 5.

Card Service Provider

"AT&T" is a telecom company, which provides "AT&T Calling Card" for overseas calling.

Customer Care

If you have any query call at-

Customer Services: 1-888-854-6740.

From USA: 1-800-219-6993

From other countries: 1-617-861-4107

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