APS Cashplus Prepaid Credit Card

APS Cashplus Prepaid Credit Card

Cashplus gold card is most widely used prepaid card in the entire world. CashPlus prepaid card is a credit card that offers you lots of facilities with instant guaranteed approval. It is the most reputable credit card in the prepaid cards market as it offers unique feature like card users can improve your credit ratings and there is no history check. It also offers you purchase protection.

Product and services:

There is total safety of your money as it offers chip and pin technology to the cards.

You can easily load your Cashplus card at numerous locations across the UK.

You are allowed to use the card in order to make online purchases, bill payments and many more.

You can use this card anywhere the Master card is acceptable.

There is no penalty on overspending.

It offers you 24/7 phone as well as online banking.

Issued by:-APS bank

Cashplus offers:

It offers you five types of account so that you could opt the best one according to your requirement.

Activeplus account:You can build your credit ratings without any cost and there is no charge if your account is empty. You can enjoy unlimited shopping in UK absolutely free.

Deluxe account:There is no charge for making withdrawals in UK and no charge for bill pay up 20 (every month).You can get up to 1% cash back on every purchase. Apart from this it offers your facilities like credit building, no penalty if no balance and free unlimited purchases in UK.

Premier account:You can make unlimited purchases on internet or by phone or at store without any charges.

Freedom account:There is no monthly charge if you complete £1000.

Flexiplus account:You can use this card occasionally. You just need to pay a small amount for every transaction and purchases.

Customer Care:-

You can make call on this number if you are in UK.

0871 277 5599 (timings are Monday to Friday = 8am to 6pm and Saturday = 10am to 4pm)

You can make call on this number if you are in abroad.

+44 207 153 8940 (timings are Monday to Friday = 8am to 6pm and Saturday = 10am to 4pm)

In case of lost or stolen you can call on 0871 277 5599 (24/7 available).

For more information you can visit the official website www.mycashplus.co.uk


Q: How can I activate my Cashplus credit card?

Ans: You can activate your Cashplus master card and can get a pin number by calling on the number 0871 277 5599.

Q: Can I use this card worldwide?

Ans: Yes, You can use this prepaid credit card anywhere master cards are acceptable.

Q: Can I apply for my prepaid master card even if I have average credit rating?

Ans: Yes you can apply because there is no credit check.

Q: What details are required in order to apply for this card?

Ans: An ID proof, UK permanent residence and required minimum age must be 18.