ABSA Bank Online Banking

Absa Group Limited is considered as the leading provider of services like financial services, commercial services, personal and corporate services in the entire South Africa.It offer both types of services electronic and physical to its clients.

It offers services related to banking, loans, ABSA rewards, insurance, electronic services and saving & investments:

In banking it proffers basic banking account where you can take pleasure from Mazansi, Flexi Account, prepaid debit card and Mega U.

ABSA bank offers various types of loan facilities like home loans, vehicle finance and personal lending.

One can take pleasure from many insurance options offered by bank like short term insurance, Accidental death cover, life insurance, medical aid, travel insurance and many more.

Electronic banking allows you to send & receive money, notifications through mails & SMS, receive account's details online and many more.

One can also choose from the available solutions of saving account and investment account.

Rates applicable on online banking:

  • For net Banking R21.95
  • For cell phone banking = no Charge
  • For telephone banking = no Charge
  • To transfer fund through Internet Banking = R 3.00
  • To transfer fund through cell phone banking = R 3.00

Other charges:

  • Charges for card issuance = R10,80 per month
  • Charges for card replacement = R92,00

Now days "ONLINE BANKING" is regarded as a key factor to attract new clients and to retain the old one's in the financial sector. Online Banking helps to reduce paperwork and it is a medium to connect with the masses at large. With the internet being used widely, online banking is becoming more and more popular.

Features Of Online Banking:

Card users can view account statements and can check currents balance online.

One can view past statements of the account.

Card users can save their time as they can easily pay their bills online.

One can keep the track of payments by setting reminder to indicate you for due payments.

If you can to stop debit order & check, you can do it via online easily.

One can control or manage the limits of daily payments for the transactions.

You can keep yourself update on your account by changing your personal information according to your choice.

Contact Info:

Users for internet banking can call on 08600 08600

Users for lost and stolen card can make call on 0800 11 11 55

Card users for telephone banking can call on 08600 08600

Official website www.absa.co.za