Subprime Credit Cards

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A credit card designed for those with little credit history or bad credit. Sub-prime cards can be an important tool for turning generally bad credit into good credit. These types of bad-credit credit cards typically carry higher fees and interest rates to offset the increased risk involved with subprime lending. The subprime credit cards have-

  • Some bad credit acceptable

  • Higher interest rate

  • Lower credit limit

  • Higher annual fee

  • Higher "nuisance fees"

  • No rewards.

  • Possible application and setup fees

  • Possibly no grace period on purchases

List of Subprime Credit Cards
There are list of Cards, which are are listed below:

Credit One Bank Platinum Visa®
Credit One Bank® Visa Platinum Card offering features that typically come with sub-prime offers. The Credit One Bank Card is a Visa card that provides Platinum Visa benefits reserved for Visa users.

Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard® Credit Card
The Orchard Bank Classic Cards is an excellent subprime credit card with great benefits to meet your needs, build your credit score and to receive credit card benefits

Premier Possibilities® Credit Card
Premier Possibilities Credit Card is great subprime credit card that has ability to boost your credit score.
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