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Secured card is the best option for those who have been rejected from banks due to bad credit history. With the help of secured card one gets a chance to improve his/her credit rating. Services offered by secured cards are much similar to unsecured cards but in secured card applier need to submit security money.

Card users can make purchases from secured cards and can build rating by making payments on time. The important thing is that your all good actions must be reported to the bureau so that you could increase your card rating and could turn your secured card in to unsecured card.
Here is the list of Secured Credit Cards:
Quidity Card:The Quidity card is a secured card which means appliers who do not have good credit history and do not have bank account can also apply for the card.
Quidity Card
Wells Fargo Secured Card:It offers a chance to improve credit rating of those people who have bad credit history and cannot apply for bank account. Wells Fargo secured card offers APR on purchases and balance transfer is 18.99% which is variable.
Wells Fargo Secured Card
Orchard Bank Secured MasterCard:Orchard secured credit card is one of the best option to rebuild your credit ratings. It offers 7.90% (variable) APR on purchases and there is no charge for annual fee for first year.
Orchard Bank Secured MasterCard
Gap Year Cashplus Prepaid MasterCard:Travelling with your own master card is safe as compared to carry hard cash with you. You can keep yourself in touch of money as more than one million ATM's are available globally (MasterCard) from where you can easily withdraw cash at once.
Gap Year Cashplus Prepaid MasterCard
The Money Gram Prepaid Visa Debit Card:You can apply for the visa prepaid card without having bank account and it allows you to take pleasure from prepaid card without any credit check.
The Money Gram Prepaid Visa Debit Card
Bank Of America Visa Fully Secured Card:Bank of America is considered as the largest financial organization which offers its services to its clients. It offers wide variety of banking, asset management, investing and financial management to all types of businesses (small, middle, large businesses).
Bank Of America Visa Fully Secured Card

Eufora Associate Prepaid MasterCard
Eufora Associate Prepaid MasterCard is secured credit card Offers a unique income opportunity, and perks to win a new car each month for cardholders.

OPEN SKY Secured VisaŽ Credit Card
OPEN SKY Secured VisaŽ Credit Card universal acceptance VISA Card that offers four ways to Fund Security Deposit.

Secure Trust Bank Prepaid Credit Card
The Trust Bank Secure Prepaid Credit Card is type of MasterCard with no hidden fees or charges and requires no credit checks.

AventiumŽ Classic Credit Card
AventiumŽ Classic Credit Card is a secured card that offers 0% APR for this Card and intended for consumers for personal use.