Citibank Purchase Credit Card

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The Citibank® Purchase Card is designed to meet the objectives. The card enables government agencies and organizations to streamline the procurement process and improve overall efficiency. It always helps clients to reduce costs while providing access to timely centralized information. The card can be use as MasterCard or VISA Card anywhere in the world where the VISA or MasterCard logo marked.

Card's Benefits
  • It also named Citibank Procurement card.

  • Can be used anywhere in the World where VISA mark exist.

  • Acceptance at over 22 million locations worldwide and cash access at more than 800,000 ATM locations.

  • The card has ability to capture and report on supplemental data from the point-of-sale.

  • A declining balance capability-for short-term expenses such as relocation, uniform allowances, special events and unique projects, or for emergencies/unforeseen situations.

  • The card also controls to manage and control employee's spending.

  • Citibank offers value-added features and benefits that surpass standard purchasing card programs.

  • Best customer service so the cardholders will enjoy round-the-clock access to knowledgeable customer support from anywhere in the world.

  • The cardholders can online access to account statements for streamlined review and payment.

Card Service Provider/ Issuer

The Citibank Purchase Card is issued by the bank called 'Citibank or its parents group called CITIGROUP'.

Customer Care

If the cardholders have any issue contact them at -

Customer care: 800 248 4553, 904 954 7314 (USA)

Canada - 888 834 2484, 416 369 6399

It you want to contact to Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America then go to the Citigroup official website:

For more details visit the bank's official website:

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