Forex Prepaid Card

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Forex Prepaid Cards are the cards that can be used while you are travelling abroad. It is best, safe and secured prepaid card than carrying cash. These are pre-loaded and enable you to access money in the required regional currency. The card allows you to withdraw cash in foreign currency, check your balance and shop.

Forex Prepaid Cards List

ING Vysya multicurrency Prepaid Forex card: ING Vysya multicurrency Prepaid Forex card is a prepaid card that is specially designed to offer a secure way to carry money when travelling abroad.

LiteForex Card: LiteForex Card is a fast and secure way to transfer funds and make payments. LiteForex Card is a prepaid card that is developed by LiteForex Group and UWC Financial Services Ltd.

Freedom Prepaid MasterCard: This card is suitable for the people who maintain budgets or control spending. The card is easily obtainable with 100% guaranteed approval.

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