Universal Prepaid VISA Gift Card (For Christmas)

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Universal Prepaid VISA Gift Cards is a prepaid card, which can be reloaded at any participated stores where VISA logo mark displays. Universal Prepaid VISA Gift Card is a prepaid single-load VISA card. It is available million of stores and can make purchases.

Where it is Available?

The card is available at Woolworths, Safeway, BIG W, Dick Smith Electronics, Power House Tandy, Caltex Woolworths, Caltex Safeway, Woolworths Liquor, Safeway Liquor, Woolworths homeshop, Safeway homeshop, BWS, Dan Murphy.

Key Features

A broad range of features which more attractive for gift cardholders:

  • The Christmas Baubles Universal Prepaid VISA Gift Card is the ideal Gift for Christmas.

  • A $9.95 premium is charged per card. This fee covers carrier, message, postage and handling.

  • NO Discounts.

  • Heritage Bank Ltd issues universal Prepaid VISA Gift Cards especially for Christmas day. Universal Gift Card is a trademark of Pinpoint Pty Ltd ABN 49 002 693 656.

  • The card can be used in any store in Australia or overseas where a VISA prepaid card is accepted, provided the merchant could process it electronically.

  • The customer can apply online with more benefits.

  • The Card value of this card start from $25 to $500 plus 1.5% credit card merchant service fee plus an additional fee for postage and handling.

  • It allows to the recipient to buy whatever they want in any store, whenever they wish to shop.

  • Universal Prepaid VISA Gift Card is a prepaid single-load VISA card.

  • The card can be used as a gift for any occasions like christmas day, or others functions.

  • Universal Prepaid VISA Gift Cards do not need to be activated.

  • The card user must sign the back of the card prior to use. To use the card, swipe it, select CREDIT and sign the docket.

  • You can make purchase like goods and services.

  • Universal Prepaid Gift Cards are accepted at 500,000 stores in Australia and 29 million stores overseas where VISA prepaid is accepted.

  • You can's access money by ATM.

  • The card user can check the card's available balance or view their transactions with the card at any time by visiting www.universalgiftcard.com.au or by phoning 1800 174 239 (or +1 954 514 8958 if you are outside Australia).

  • Checking the card balance or transaction record online is free.

  • Prepaid VISA Gift Cards are more secure than cash, because the cardholder's signature is required for a purchase.

  • The customers can do enquiry without any cost.

  • The Card replacement fee is $15.00

Card Issuer

The bank called "Heritage Bank Ltd" issues the card "Universal Prepaid VISA Gift Card for Christmas".

Customer Care

If the customer got any issues with the card or its services or your prepaid gift card lost or stolen contact to the customer care -

Customer Services: 1800 174 239 (or +1 954 514 8958 if you are outside Australia)

By email: [email protected]

For more details visit: https://universalgiftcard.com.au

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