Bank Holidays

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Bank holidays are the public holidays on which banks are closed.Bank Holiday is considered as an off day of a bank each country defines its own bank holiday. Bank holidays can be due to national holiday or due to a regional holiday.However sometimes there can be holidays due to emergencies or some other reasons in a particular bank.

Some Public Holidays like Good Friday and Christmas are not considered as the bank holidays but many banks take day off on this holiday.Bank holidays are paid holidays and if in some situation employees have to work on this day they usually receive extra bonus in some organizations.Bank holidays may varies from country to country or city to city. Each country has the different Acts to declare a bank or federal holiday.
United Kingdom Bank Holidays

Bank Holidays In United Kingdom United Kingdom is also known as UK or Britain. It is a sovereign state.National public and bank holidays in United Kingdom are usually common in all four countries of USA but some holidays are limited to the particular country of United Kingdom.

USA Bank Holidays

Bank Holidays in USA USA declared as an independent nation in July 4 1776. Washington, D.C. is the capital of USA since 1800.Federal holidays in the USA are designated by the Congress.There are eleven federal holiday in the USA.

Canada Bank Holidays

Bank Holidays in Canada Canada is North American country and it contains ten provinces and three territories.

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