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Everybody knows what a bank is all about. Bank is an Organization or corporation or financial intermediary that provides financial services and conducting current accounts for his or her customer. "The bank undertakes to receive money and to collect bills for its customer's account. The proceeds so received are not to be held in trust for the customer, but the bank borrows the proceeds and undertakes to repay them. The promise to repay is to repay at the branch of the bank where the account is kept,during banking hours. It includes a promise to repay any part of the amount due against the written order of the customer addressed to the bank at the branch. Bankers never do make a payment to a customer in respect of a current account except upon demand."
JP Morgan Chase & Co. :
JP Morgan chase bankJPMorgan Chase & Co. is a finacial institution which occurs global securities, investment banking and retail banking.This provides financial services with many rewards to their account holder, with assets of $2 trillion.Their financial products, services and operation scattered in more than 60 countries. They have numerous financial divisons where you can invest and manage your funds in a right way.

Citigroup Inc. Bank :
Citi Group BankCitigroup Inc. is an American financial service based that is situated in New York. Citigroup is formed from one of the largest mergers. The merger happened by combining the Banking giant Citicorp and financial conglomerate Travellers group.The Citigroup Inc. offers the Products and service that develop your Business.
Goldman Sachs Bank
Goldman Sac BankThe Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a Financial firm that provides financial services to the account members. Like other Banks, it also brings investment banking system, Security system, and investment management system for its customer.
Morgan Stanley Bank
Morgan Stanley BankMorgan Stanley is a global finacial services firm that commenced in the year 1828 as a diminutive community bank. It offers various financial products & services to small businesses and corporate as well. There are investment products also being offered.
Metlife Insurance Bank
Metlife Insurance BankMetlife is one of the world's largest Insurance company that provides financial products like insurance, rewards,Benefits,annuties means contract or agreement between clients and itself insurance firm, through which clients can make a lump-sum payments
Taunus Corporation Bank
Taunus Corporation Online BankTaunus Corporation is a financial holding company. It was founded in 1999 in New York. It offers financial products and services to their clients including checking saving & account management, online and mobile banking, money transfer facility, credit and Debit Card issuance.
Morgan Stanley Bank
American Express Bank American Express is a bank industry that provides financial products and services to the individual, corporate, institutions. American Express is also called as AmEx that was found in 1850 in New York City.
Bank Of New York(BNY)Mellon Corporation
BNY Mellon Corporation Bank Bank of New York Mellon Corporation is a financial institution that was founded in 1st July 2007. Bank of New York Corporation is also called as BNY Mellon Corporation.The bny Mellon offers huge variety of products and services(Credit card,Debit card and online services) to individuals and institutions.
Community National Bank (CNB)
Community National Bank (CNB) Community National Bank is a FDIC insured commercial bank that offers full commercial bank products and services to meet the customer needs. The bank offers a wide array of banking products and services like checking and saving accounts, CDs, CDARS, IRAs, cash management services, government banking, courier services, and many more.
Evans National Bank
Evans National Bank Evans National Bank is a FDIC insured online bank that offers a suite of products and services which are tailored to meet the needs of both retail and business customers. It is an online bank based in New York.
Bank of Akron
Bank of Akron Bank of Akron is New York based Public bank specializes in providing the best financial products and services to meet financial needs on a person-to-person basis.
Ballston Spa National Bank (BSNB)
Ballston Spa National Bank Ballston Spa National Bank is proud to providing provide community banking to the individuals, families and businesses located in Saratoga County and neighboring communities.