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Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and third largest city in United Kingdom. Several banks that operate in Glasgow are Bank Of Scotland, Clydesdale Bank PLC, Woolwich Plc, Northern Rock Plc, NatWest, National Australia Group (UK) Ltd, Dunbar Bank, Habib Bank AG Zurich etc.

Glasgow is a financial district because most of the banking system located in this. That's why it is often called as International Financial district (IFSD).

Glasgow city grow their business in financial sector means it is rich in banking industry that's why most of the banks, which relocated their commercial companies in this city, are Lloyds TSB banks, JP Morgan Chase Banks, Abbey bank, Tesco Personal Finance, Morgan Stanley, Lloyds TSB, Clydesdale Bank, BNP Paribas, HSBC and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Bank Of Scotland
Bank Of Scotland A Bank of Scotland is a FDIC supervised online bank that offers a huge number of financial services for their elite customers. It is a commercial and clearing bank that headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Clydesdale Bank PLC
Clydesdale Bank PLC Clydesdale Bank is an online commercial bank in Scotland, with total revenue of 17, 500 million & Net income of 139 million. It is a FDIC insured Internet Bank that operates in Insurance and financial services industry.
Woolwich Bank
Woolwich Bank Woolwich is a FDIC insured Online Bank that is acquired by Barclays Bank PLC. Its also a trademark of the British and Barclays. In Previous year it was the woolwich Building Society but now it offers mortgages products and services. The Woolwich Bank is found in 1847 that headquartered in London, UK. It has various branches like London, Glassgow etc.
Northern Rock PLC in UK
Northern Rock PLC Northern Rock Plc is an UK based private British bank that specializes their business in banking industry and Mortgages services. The Northern bank offers an array of products for instances Mortgage Lending, Household Insurance, Personal Lending, Retail Savings, and Commercial Mortgages.
Habib Bank AG Zurich Bank
Habib Bank AG Zurich Habib Bank AG Zurich is a private financial services bank that provides trade finance, corporate, consumer, private, retail and correspondent banking products. It incorporated in Switzerland but its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, and in UK.
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