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Texas is well known for its large population and the gigantic area. It stands on the second position in the entire US in terms of area and population. The capital of the Texas is Austin and the largest city of Texas is Houston. The people of Texas are open hearted and are very friendly as the name of Texas has come from the word Teysha which means "Hello Friend". Visitors can explore various exotic things/places in Texas regarding isolated flowers, Bird species etc. Apart from this there is much more to explore like striking beaches, river, food courts, mountains, national park, theme parks etc.
Texas Region
While travelling in Texas tourists must have knowledge about the regions so that you could decide where you have to go first .some famous regions are:-
Texas Hill County:-
There you can find the attractive and appealing stone buildings, Rock walls, peaches, and towns, rivers and much more.

Central Texas North:-
The famous attraction points in north side are Fort Worth, Waco, Glen Rose, Gainesville , Graham, Waxahachie, Glen Rose, Hillsboro, Granbury, Dallas etc.

South Texas:-
In the region tourists can find numerous tempting places where visitors can capture pleasing moments Brownsville ,Goliad, San Antonio, McAllen etc.

East Texas:-
East Texas is a place where one can visit before going to Louisiana. It's famous attraction points are Cuthand, Hallsville, Texarkana, Bronson, Dalby Springs etc.

West Texas:-
In west region you can visit to the Front Porch where you can find attractive flora and fauna ranges, lofty mountains, scenic locations etc.

Texas Panhandle:-
There are so many counties that come under the Panhandle. Tourists can visits all these and can experience the differences.

Texas Gulf Coast:-
This is also a very famous region which is mostly viewed by the tourists. Tourists can visit Texas State Aquarium, USS Lexington, and Moody Gardens , Texas State Aquarium etc.
Texas Tourists Attractions:-
These are famous and worth visiting attraction points. Without visiting them a trip cannot memorable. These are:-

Alamo:Alamo is one of the most visited tourist destination as it is well known for its imperative historical milestones.

Big Bend National Park : BigBend National Park attracts numerous tourists to its place as it is the perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate oneself. One can try various recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, backpacking, bird watching and many more. It is the perfect place to spend time with friends and family.

Some other popular tourist spots one can visit are:-
Texas Hotels:-
One can choose ones accommodation as per their budget as there are numerous accommodation facilities to choose from such as Hotels, Lodges, motels, Bed and Breakfast, apartments etc. There are some hotels which are famous for their superlative facilities where you can enjoy classy rooms, various types of meals, good location, and pleasant environment.
List of some of the famous hotels are:-

  • Mansion at Judges Hill, Austin
  • Days Inn, Abilene
  • J.M. Koch's Hotel Band B
  • Melrose Hotel
  • Fairmont Dallas
  • Mansion on Turtle Creek
  • Wyndham Dallas
  • Hotel Adolphus
  • Sheraton Dallas Downtown
Texas Weather:-
If we talk about the weather of Texas, you will realize that Texas is very rich in terms of weather. There you can experience the weather of all types like hot, cold, sunny, rainy, cloudy etc. In Texas, weather varies from zone to zone. There summer season endures for approximately 9 months and spring season for 2 months and winter for one month. The interesting thing to know about the weather is that it changes recurrently.
Texas is one of the most attractive places which one should visit as it has to offer a lot like, rich culture , stupendous beaches, old shrines, museums, spectacular flora and fauna, charming locations, , friendly people.
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