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MiCash Prepaid Payroll MasterCard® Features

  • MiCash is a provider of financial services to consumers offering re-loadable, prepaid debit cards, companion debit cards, and payroll debit cards.

  • Payroll Card is a fast, secure and convenient method of keeping your finances in order.

  • It is also one of the largest payroll card companies nationwide that serving hundreds of people and businesses through the Payroll Management.

  • The MiCash Prepaid MasterCard is a Payroll Debit Card; offers fully integrated card-to-cash international money transfer functionality on prepaid payroll debit cards.

  • The Prepaid Mastercard payroll Debit Card serves as multitasking financial tool that provides various financial needs of employees.

  • MiCash Prepaid Payroll MasterCard® has ability to reduce the costs of distributing payroll checks, improve efficiencies, and help employees manage their money.

  • Decrease the costs of producing paper checks.

  • It replaces the lost or stolen checks.

  • Reduce the time of reconciliation against your payroll disbursement account.

  • Reduce the costs of special disbursements and out-of cycle checks, such as final paychecks.

  • Simplify payroll distribution for unbanked, contract, temporary, part-time and remotely located workers.

  • The customers or employees who holds this payroll card can manage their payroll account processing by keeping their existing payroll processor and systems.

  • It always Increase employee productivity by eliminating time-consuming off-site trips to cash paychecks.

For more information visit: www.micash.net

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