MiCash Prepaid Debit Card Direct Deposit

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Direct Deposit is a payment system to add the money onto your card. It is best option, and more fast and secure process.
The MiCash Prepaid Card Direct Deposit allows you to add money automatically. If the customers add money using direct deposit options, you will get $25 free of cost. If you have paychecks, tax refund or benefits checks, you can upload money at no cost. There is one drawback that you will get $25 bonus when add $100 each to your card account in two consecutive months.

How to Add Money on MiCash Prepaid Card by Direct Deposit:

  • Go to the website: www.micash.net

  • Click on add or "Load Money".

  • Click on "Direct Deposit".

  • Download the Direct Deposit form from the website.

  • Fill the form and give the completed copy to your payroll administrator.

  • Thereafter, you will get balance automatically.

For more information visit: www.micash.net

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