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Bank Freedom Prepaid
Account now prepaid card
Micash prepaid debit card
Prepaid cards are worldwide acceptable cards. To open an account of pre paid card one has to submit some hard cash to the account so that he/she could get his/her physical card.

This is one of the best choices for those who cannot apply for credit card due to bad credit history. One can take the pleasure from pre paidcard to rebuild the credit. There is no fear of overdraft fees as you always spend only that money which you have loaded to your account. Users can enjoy various facilities offered by prepaid cards like fast and easy bill payments (online), online purchases, no interest rate etc.
List of famous prepaid credit card:
Bank Freedom Prepaid Visa Card: Bank Freedom is considered as the main provider of Business Prepaid Card Solutions to more than 500 corporations. It offers various benefits like there is no need to pay overdraft charges, no monthly charges, No charges for direct deposits etc.
Bank Freedom Prepaid Visa Card
MiCash Prepaid Credit Card:MiCash is considered as the supplier of financial services. It offers companion debit cards, payroll debit cards, general purpose, prepaid debit cards etc and card holders can easily reload these cards at more than 50000 places in the entire US. One can make use of one's card at above million ATMs.
MiCash Prepaid Credit Card
Upside Visa Prepaid Card:This card is specially meant for those who belong to the age group between 13 to 25. It is one of the best visa prepaid card to deal with your money as you can keep the track of each transaction in real time. Upside card is stay under the administration of parents.
Upside Visa Prepaid Card
IBank UPside Visa Prepaid Card:Appliers can easily apply for iBankup services as it takes few minutes to signup. It proposes tools of money management for families, workers and students.
IBank UPside Visa Prepaid Card
BaBee Prepaid Master Card:BaBee Prepaid Master Card is a prepaid card where you need to top-up your master card before use it. You will always be aware of your current balance and no fear of overdraft charges as you spend only what you load. BaBee master card welcomes to all types of appliers as there is no credit check & no bank account is required.
BaBee Prepaid Master Card
Cordoba Gold Prepaid Master Card:Cordoba Prepaid card proffers its services to everyone weather the appliers have bad or average credit history and also help them to build their credit by credit builder. One can also get a supplementary card for family member or a friend so that he/she could share money with him/her.
Cordoba Gold Prepaid Master Card
Face Card Prepaid Master Card:Face card is a prepaid card which is very safe to keep with you in spite of hard cash. It allows you to spend all that money which you have loaded to your facecard. Face card users are always aware of the balance of their card so they don't need to take bother of debt or overdraft charges.
Face Card Prepaid Master Card
Crew Card:Crew card was commenced in year 2006. It proffers its services to manage the finances of the customers. To apply for crew cards appliers don't need to have bank account. People with bad or average credit history can also apply for their card as there is no credit check.
Crew Card
Sun Prepaid Master Card:The sun prepaid master card is a prepaid card which serves numerous facilities to its customer. It is one of the best options to keep with you in spite of having hard cash.
Sun Prepaid Master Card
Account Now Prepaid Visa And Master Card:Account now is a faithful trade name which offers numerous facilities to its clients. Right now it is serving more than 40 million customers without any credit check. It also helps to improve the credit of its customers.
Account Now Prepaid Visa And Master Card
White Eagle Prepaid CardWhite eagle offers its services to customers of all type weather they are having bad credit/ average credit/ good credit history as it does not check credit. Appliers who have no bank account are also welcome to apply as there is no need to have bank account to apply for prepaid card.
White Eagle Prepaid Card
EntropayThe main motive of entropay is to offer its customers secure and suitable mean for online shopping /telephonic shopping as users can use it anywhere Visa is acceptable. Users can load their entropay cards from their personal account and the users who have their EntroPay prepaid Plastic MasterCard can shift their money from the virtual to plastic card.

READY debit platinum visa prepaid card
READY debit platinum visa prepaid card is a type of VISA card that offers a line of prepaid credit card features with low fees Internet related facilities and also guaranteed approval.

Vision Silver Prepaid MasterCard
Vision Silver(SM) Prepaid MasterCard® is a Prepaid master card, issued by the "Meta bank". This prepaid card has come up with an array of prepaid card features like free direct deposit; free funds withdraw from ATMs, low monthly fee with no introductory rates.

Pink ACE EliteTM Visa® Prepaid Card
The Pink Ace Elite Prepaid Visa card is a Prepaid and reloadable Visa card that is issued by META BANK. This prepaid card supports breast cancer awareness and detection means it fights against breast cancer.

SilverCard Prepaid MasterCard®
SilverCard Prepaid MasterCard® is a type of MasterCard that accepts all types of credit line. This Prepaid MasterCard requires no credit check and gives guaranteed approval.

mPower™ Visa® Prepaid Card
The mPower™ Visa® Prepaid Card is a Visa card issued by "The Bancorp Bank". It may be used at million of location wherever Visa debit cards are accepted.

Vision Premier® Visa® Prepaid Card
Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card is a Prepaid Visa Card that does not require Credit check. The "Bancorp Bank" issues this prepaid with more benefits and rewards program.

New Cebu Pacific Citibank Credit Card
Cebu Pacific Citibank Credit Card is type of Co-branded credit card offer free one-way ticket to any domestic and international destination when you get approved by October 15, 2011

Citi Dividend World MasterCard® Credit Card
Citibank is one of the world's largest Commercial bank offers $300 cash back bonus on the Citi® Dividend World® MasterCard®.

Sainsbury Double Nectar points credit card
With a Sainsbury's Nectar Credit Card, you can get double Nectar points on Sainsbury's shopping for 2 years when you pay with your Sainsbury's Nectar Credit Card and hand over your Nectar card.

Western Union Moneywise Prepaid MasterCard
The Western Union® MoneyWise™ Prepaid MasterCard® is a reloadable prepaid credit card provides a fast, free and seamless way for your clients to receive their tax refund.

Ryanair Debit Card
Ryanair Debit Card is a Prepaid MasterCard has a Ł15.89 annual fee and costs 50p per purchase.

New Scotiabank AERO Platinum MasterCard
The Scotiabank offers scotiapoints, which can be redeemed for travel anytime, anywhere, on any airline with no blackout periods or seat restrictions.

Cashplus Prepaid Gold MasterCard
Cashplus is a safe way to shop online or in stores worldwide. The CashPlus Offers "Cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard®" with free Purchase Protection and award winning program.

Fifth Third's 'Duo' Debit+Credit Card
With the duo Card, the Card's consumer can choose to make purchases using either a line of credit or funds debited from their checking account.

PerkStreet Financial Debit Card
PerkStreet Financial Debit Card is Prepaid Card offering more services like checking account, free ATMs nationwide, free online banking and bill payment with more rewards and benefits.

Kroger Prepaid Debit Card
Kroger Prepaid Debit Card type of Prepaid VISA Card so you can reload money for booking hotel room, shop online, buy a plane ticket, rent a car, and more.

Insignia Label Visa Platinum Credit Card
Insignia new reward points credit card offering a unique reward points system is being launched by lifestyle Management Company for ultra-high net worth individuals across the globe.

Virgin Money Prepaid Visa Card
Virgin Money Card is a Prepaid VISA Card is a reloadable card for those cardholders who wish to enjoy credit card features at very low market rate.