Fifth Third's 'Duo' Debit+Credit Card

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Fifth Third Bank's Duo Card is the best card contains the features of both credit and debit card. The Duo Card (Credit+Debit Card) issued on September 15, 2011. It is such type of card in the U.S, has dual functionality in one piece of plastic. The card consumers can opt the line of credit option or debit option from their checking account. Choose one option make shop online or any mall or complex.


As discussed above that it contains both the features, debit+credit. So the bank offers a broad array of features that are listed below:

Combination of Credit and Debit Card.

Issued by the bank called "Fifth Thirds bank, Ohio".

You can make purchases using either a line of credit or funds debited from their checking account.

If you select Duo Credit Card option, you would select the credit option and sign to complete the transaction.

Excellent customer services.

Worldwide acceptance.

If you make online purchases, it would count as a credit card transaction. So it is a major drawback for some customers.

Provides Overdraft protection.

If the customers make a debit purchase for more than the amount in their checking account, the Duo Card's credit line automatically kicks in.

No annual Fees.

Offers two separate statements. Debit purchases will appear on monthly checking account statements, while credit card.

purchases will be itemized on another.

The bank offers Real Life Rewards program that gives customers points for credit purchases.

Earn two reward points for every $1 spend on gas, grocery, and discount store purchases.

Earn one point for every $1 spent on all other credit purchases.

There is no limit to earn points.

Customers can redeem points and view their balance at

Fifth Third charges between $7.50 and $15 for monthly fees, but these can be waived.

"Zero Liability Protection" protects the Duo card.

The Card carry the Interest rate ranging from 13-24% once the 0% offer for the first 12 months expires.

Card Issuer

The bank called "Fifth Third Bank, Ohio (U.S)" issues the "Fifth Third Bank Duo Credit+Debit Card".

Customer Care

If the customer have any query call at- 1-800-972-3030

If any fraud occurred with your account call- 1-800-676-5869

Report for lost or stolen bankcard - 1-800-782-0279

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