MoneyPak® Load Money Option

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Using MoneyPak® you can conveniently deposit cash onto the Bank freedom prepaid MasterCard account. It is located at 50,000 retailers nationwide and the retailers would charge the charges up to $4.95. The customers can deposit $500 or more a month through MoneyPakŪ

How it Works:

MonneyPak is one of the best option among all the payment system through which you can load money very easily. It is not a credit Card, Visa Card or MasterCard, it's just a reloadable card from which you can load money on you prepaid card account so,

  • Find the nearest location where you can get MoneyPak Card very easily.

  • Purchase the MoneyPak card from the store and give the store fee and the card's amount to the retailer.

  • Go to the website

  • Enter a card number which is given on the back of the MoneyPak.

  • Click on "Reload" button.

  • After few minutes you will get the balance.

For more details visit www.bankfreedom.comOR

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