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Bank FREEDOM Prepaid MasterCard is best and top most prepaid card, designed to offer those cardholders who have no credit, bad credit, or difficulty in obtaining an unsecured credit card with alternative banking solutions. This card is the better way to save and manage your money in a right way. It gives 100% guaranteed approval with all beneficial features.


  • Reloadable Card means you can spend what you loaded onto the card.
  • 100% guaranteed approval.
  • NO Credit Check required.
  • NO Overdraft Fees apply.
  • Surcharge Free ATM Network.
  • $0 fee for card activation.
  • Card is safer than cash.
  • NO Late Fees, NO Interest Fees, NO NSF Fees.
  • Monthly Maintenance Fee of $5.00 per month
  • Allows make everyday purchases.
  • FDIC insured Card so you can deposit up to $250,000
  • Card is protected by MasterCard Zero Liability policy.
  • Universal Acceptance Card so can be used where the Debit MasterCard is accepted.
  • Free email and/or SMS alerts.
  • You can get cash access at over 1.5 million ATMs worldwide.
  • FREE direct deposit service.
  • The customers can reload money at various options like GreenDot® locations, Western Union Agents and at MoneyGram Agents.
  • You can access free customer services without any charges.

Bank Freedom: Bank Freedom is not a bank while an administrator of the Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard and is an organization that specializes for delivering the Prepaid Card in the prepaid card market and also provides financial solutions to meet the customer needs.

Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard Offers

Bank Freedom offers a wide array of features that are listed below:

Free Direct Deposit: Direct Deposit or Direct Credit is best option to pay certain amount to your bank Freedom Prepaid Card Account.
Online Bill Payment: The bank offers online bill payment solutions for their customer. Bank Freedom Online Bill payment is more simple secure and convenient way to pay your bills and to better manage your finances.
Business Services:Business solution is one of the best services for those individuals or business clients who have the business in abroad or internationally. The bank provides a number of prepaid card business solutions, which specifically designed to make your business growth more efficient and productive. The Cards are-
Cash Loading Options There are many easy and convenient ways to add your money to your Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard like Direct deposit, Money Sharing, MoneyGram®, MoneyPak® and Western Union®.
  • You are allowed to add maximum money $10,000, if card balance is below $10,000, you can add money on to the card.
  • Bank to Card transfer limit is $10,000
  • Card-to-Card transfer limit is $500.00; you can card to card transfer two a day, four a week ten a month.
  • You are allowed to add maximum cash up to $2,500.00 by western union.
  • Cash Load Green Dot MoneyPak limit is up to $1000.00 and minimum is $20.00
How to Add Money onto the Card

There are many easy and convenient ways to add your money to your Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard. Before using your prepaid card account you must add money to your card account. If have reloaded, you can use it very easily. There options to load money is-

Bank Freedom Prepaid Card works like other prepaid cards so you can add money by various payment options like-

Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard- Activation

If you apply for bank freedom prepaid MasterCard, you have to activate your card by loading money. Once you loaded money onto the card by various payment systems, the card will automatically activated. There are a couple of steps to activate your card; you can easily access your card.

  • Sign the back of your personalized Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard.

  • Click here to sign up for Direct Deposit OR click here to add cash to your card at a convenient MoneyPak, Western Union or MoneyGram retail location.

  • Once money is added to your prepaid card account, click on "Activate" to activate your card and then you can use your prepaid card anywhere in the world.

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Card Issuer

The customer who wants to join for this card or wish to apply for "Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard" can send a request to "The Bancorp Bank" or "The Meta Bank". Both banks are FDIC insured and licensed by MasterCard International Incorporated

The Customer also can apply to bank freedom. The Bank freedom is not a bank while it just an administrator of the Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard and is an organization that comes under the catagory of offering prepaid card as well as financial solutions to fulfil the customer needs.

Customer Care

If you have any issue regarding the card or card's services, can call to customer care. The customer care will take card of your query and provide the solution frequently.

Customer services: 1- 877-237-6262, 1- 877-237-6263 (fax)

You can also mail them at:

Mailing Address:
Bank Freedom
17595 Harvard
Suite C, #3250
Irvine, CA 92614

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