Direct Deposit

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The bank offers free, fast, and the most convenient way to add funds to your Bank Freedom Card. If you have bank freedom prepaid card account, can add funds directly onto the card by fill an online form. When you directly deposit the money onto the card, the bank will never charge on Direct Deposit.

If you have your tax refund, paycheck, Social Security, or other Federal Benefits checks, you can directly Deposited to your Bank Freedom Prepaid Card Account by filling a form.

How to Deposit

It is very easy but still you have to follow the steps to pay your direct deposit.

Go to the website called:

Click on "Direct Deposit".

There is form, fill the form by entering "account number" and Date of Birth.

The form will automatically generate, complete the Direct Deposit Form and give it to your payroll department.

Then the bank will give all information about your direct deposit or you will get a message of it.

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