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Bank Freedom offers Business prepaid card to help those business clients who have international and national businesses. The expense card allows you to manage and control your employee's business related purchases. It is reloadable card so you can spend only those money what you have loaded to your card. The Bank Freedom Expense Card provides expense management, security, and convenience.


  • Reloadable business expense card.
  • Grow your business very efficiently and rapidly.
  • The Business Expense card is designed for everyone.
  • Control you business expenses or company budget.
  • Various money management tools like you can control the employees spending capabilities by prefunding their cards, set up text and email alerts to track purchases, and remaining balance and unauthorized purchases.
  • The customer can get the card instantly mean you can get within few minutes.
  • The business card has high spending limits of up to $20,000 per card. If you need large purchases, contact to customer care, they will automatically increase your spending limit $25,000 per day.
  • The Card has no limits.
  • There is an Application fee of up to $100.00
  • Free Card Issuance.
  • Free Customer Services.
  • Annual Card Renewal is Free of cost.
  • There is no maximum deposit to fund the program.
  • It also offers two versions of the Bank Freedom MasterCard Prepaid Expense Card. One Card will have a register PIN while others has no PIN associated with the card.
  • The card contains custom expense programs for small, medium, and large sized businesses and corporations.

Where you can get ?

Bank Freedom MasterCard Prepaid Expense Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank. If you have a Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard, can get very easily.

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Customer Care

If you have any issue regarding the business card call at (877) 237-6260
Email at: [email protected]

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