Bank Freedom Payroll Prepaid Card

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Payroll Card Pay Card is a MasterCard from Bank Freedom reduces employer's payroll expenses and will save employees over $500 a year in check cashing fees.


A comprehensive range of features and benefits includes-
  • It is a Reloadable Payroll Card.
  • Fast, easy, safe and convenient way for you to add value and pay your employees.
  • 100% Guaranteed Approval.
  • No Interest Charges.
  • No Bank account or Credit Check is required to get the card.
  • Provides the services over 3,000 nationwide companies
  • FDIC insured Card.
  • Protected by MasterCard Zero Liability Policy.
  • Excellent Customer Services.
  • You can shop Online.
  • Worldwide acceptance card.
  • Bank Freedom Payroll Card can be used at million of locations that accepts MasterCard.
  • You can access 24/7 your account online.
  • The cardholders can add cash to their Payroll Card account in addition to direct deposit of their paychecks, by Green Dot Cash Load Network and Share money with other Bank Freedom cardholders.
  • Online Bill Payment options available.
  • Set-up Email and Wireless Alerts.

Where you can get ?

MetaBank issues "Bank Freedom Payroll Card" and it's services for their customer. You can apply this card to the bank or directly from the website OR

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If you have any issue regarding the business card call at (877) 237-6260

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