Upside Visa Prepaid Card

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This card is specially meant for those who belong to the age group between 13 to 25. It is one of the best visa prepaid card to deal with your money as you can keep the track of each transaction in real time. Upside card is stay under the administration of parents.
Parents can get cash to their ward occasionally.
One can easily get the paycheck on to the card.

If you are a college student, your age must be 18 or above.
Card holder (child) can spend only that money which has been filled by the parents.

There is no fear of going into debt and late charges.
Total money security in case of lost and stolen card.

Card's owner can cancel his/her card if card is lost /stolen.
One can enjoy the online purchases and can use prepaid card at any store.

Users can setup the alerts to know the low balance information.

Your child's card will be sent to your house address and it can activate by an easy phone call. Parents can administrate the card by creating an online card so that they could load cash, keep track of transaction, can form a schedule for allowance. One most important thing is that, parents can observe more than one card for their every child by the same online account and in the same way child can also generate his/her own account to keep him/her self updated.
  Ways to load cash:  
Cash can be transferred from parent's debit card or credit card immediately.

Cash can also be loaded by direct deposit from the company if your child engaged in some after school job, but he/she (child) must has checking account. Another method is to load cash in the card is Green Dot MoneyPak, which is available country wide.
Appliers with bad credit and no credit history can easily apply because there is no credit check.
Issued by MetaBank
Card activation fee= none
Card replacement fee (standard fee) = $8.95
Card account closure fee=$8.95
  Contact number:  
For general issues please try to send email [email protected]
Card owner can also call on 1-866-845-6273

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Q: How many days will it take to get my prepaidcard?
Ans: It will take maximum 10 working days.

Q: What is the procedure to activate visa prepaid card?
Ans: To activate your card you just need to call on 1-866-845-6273 or you can do it online by visiting the website .

Q: Will my money be safe if I lose my pre paidcard?
Ans: Yes, card money will be safe because you can shift your card money to the replacement card by calling on customer care number.

Q: Is there any card activating fees?
Ans: No, there is no charge on card activation.