Sun Prepaid Master Card

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The sun prepaid master card is a prepaid card which serves numerous facilities to its customer. It is one of the best options to keep with you in spite of having hard cash.

You can manage your money 24/7 via online services.
Users can make use of their card worldwide.
It offers you security measures to protect you against fraud as you can block & unblock your prepaid card at once.

To refill your card, you can load it at more than 19500 locations of pay-point.
To withdraw cash, users can use their prepaid master card at numerous ATMs where Master Card is acceptable.
You can also register your cell phone number to enjoy the access to your account via mobile phone.

You can keep track of each and every transaction of your account through the eccount facility.
It allows its customers to share money with friends& family members by companion card.
You can enjoy alert service to keep yourself updated.

If you have lost you card your can transfer your money to the replacement card at once by calling on customer care.

Issued by Newcastle Building Society
  • Maximum balance of card/eccount is 3,000
  • Maximum daily load is 2,000
  • Maximum ATM withdrawal is 250 (in one day)
  • To Purchase card = 6.49
  • To check online balance & transactions =Free
  • For replacement card =4.99
  • For Annual charges = FREE
  • For companion card = 4.99
  Customer service:  
To register report for lost and stolen users can call on 0871 220 6401.
From abroad =+44 20 7101 6599
For general query call on 0845 241 4276
Q; what is the procedure to close the eccount?
Ans: Customers can close the eccount by making call to the customer care.

Q: What is the customer care number and when they are available?
Ans: The customer care number for general queries is 0845 241 4276 Caller can call in the middle of 9am and 6pm (Monday to Sunday).

Q: Is this possible to topup the sun card though salary or wages?
Ans: Yes, the users can refill their suncard by directing their salary or wages to their card's account.

Q: Can I have one additional card to share money?
Ans: Yes, customers can also apply for the additional card if they want to share their money with someone.

Q: What security measures I will be offered, if I apply for the sun card?
Ans: Customers have total control over their card's money as they can block /unblock the prepaid card any time and in case of lost & stolen one can transfer the money to the replacement card immediately by making call to the customer care.