Face Card Prepaid Master Card

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Face card is a prepaid card which is very safe to keep with you in spite of hard cash. It allows you to spend all that money which you have loaded to your facecard. Face card users are always aware of the balance of their card so they don't need to take bother of debt or overdraft charges.
Facilities offered to the card users are:
User's money is totally safe with face card pre paidcard as they are offered security measures to protect against the unauthorized purchases.
One can access the accounting details online, any time (24/7) by setting up the notification for text message /email alerts.

Use your card at various ATM's globally.
Card users can set-up direct deposit to direct their paycheck to the face card directly.

One can set-up bill pay for the bill's payments and can save the time.
Users can get cash to their card by their families or friends.
One can share money with another Facecard prepaid card's member.

Issued by MetaBank
  Fees structure:  
  • Card activation = no charges
  • Charges for ATM =$1.50
  • Charges for making International purchases = $0.50
  • Charges for card replacement (Lost/stolen) =$9.95
  • Charges for negative balance =$9.95
  How to contact:  
Users can contact by visiting the official website to contact: www.facecard.com
Q: How can I get my PIN?
Ans: To create a Pin number, user need to make call on number (888)-215-6781.

Q: Is this possible to use this prepaid card globally?
Ans: Card holders can use facecard anywhere MasterCard debit card is acceptable worldwide.

Q: I have lost my card, what should I do?
Ans; If you have lost your card, you can call on 888-215-6781 for the replacement facecard and can transfer your balance of previous card to the new one.

Q: How much amount I will be charged for card activation?
Ans: There is no charge applicable for the activation of pre paid card.