Crew Card

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Crew card was commenced in year 2006. It proffers its services to manage the finances of the customers. To apply for crew cards appliers don't need to have bank account. People with bad or average credit history can also apply for their card as there is no credit check.

Issued by Newcastle Building Society
Facilities offered:
Users can share their money with their friends and family members via online or SMS.
One can easily replenish the crewcard at more than 39000 places globally or can also use SMS service to refill your card.
Users can keep control over their spending and can manage budget.

It offers the protection to the card holders through Chip & Pin number.
Users can register their cell phone number and can send money to the companion card holder via SMS.
It allows its users to administrate the account through Cell phone by downloading the java application.

One can view the accounting details online.
Users can make purchases & can make the payments of the bills online.
One can also view the history details of the account's transactions.

Card holders can utilize their pre paid card at more than 25 million locations worldwide.
You can direct your salary or wages to your pre paidcard.
You can use your crewcard to withdraw cash from any ATM which accepts master card.
  Contact information:  
Card holder can solve their query be calling on :
+44 (0)207 125 0321
[email protected]
  Charges applicable on Crew card are:  
  • Charges to purchase CrewCard = $20.00
  • Charges for monthly service =$1.00
  • For ATM domestic withdrawal/ international withdrawal =$2.50
  • Charges for the replacement of the card =$10.00
Q: What is the procedure to apply for the card?
Ans: To apply for the crewcard kindly visit the website

Q: How many days it will take to get me my crew prepaid card?
Ans: After the approval of your application, you can get your card with-in 10 business days.

Q: Is this card is worldwide acceptable?
Ans: Yes, card users can use crew prepaidcard anywhere Master Card is acceptable.

Q: Is this possible to use prepaid card online?
Ans: Users are allowed to utilize their card online at various retailers which accepts mastercard.