Cordoba Gold Prepaid Master Card:

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Cordoba Prepaid card proffers its services to everyone weather the appliers have bad or average credit history and also help them to build their credit by credit builder. One can also get a supplementary card for family member or a friend so that he/she could share money with him/her.

Issued by APS Financial Ltd
Rendered Services:
You can use this card everywhere MasterCard is acceptable and can enjoy every day shopping. It also provides you the protection for purchases by offering chip &pin facility.
Card users can easily send your salary or standing order directly to your account.

Don't forget to top-up your prepaid master card before making purchases.
Card holders can replenish their card at 1000's of places without any cost (up to 5,000).

While using your Cordoba Gold Cashplus prepaid MasterCard for purchases, one can get cash back or can enjoy various available discounts on travel, clothes, drink &food, gadgets, health and beauty, gifts and many more.
Card users can establish their account online and can track the accounting details, check the current balance, update the personal details etc.

Appliers who want to apply for the card will be happy to know that there is no credit check, no interest rate & no bank-account needed.
  How to apply:  
Applier can apply for the pre paidcard by making call on the specified number 0207 706 7601 for their registration. To apply for your prepaid master card your age must be 18 or above.
  To contact customer care:  
To apply for the card =0207 706 7601
To report lost and stolen card = 0871 277 5599
To solve general query= 0871 277 5599

One can also view the official website
Q: How much maximum amount I can load in my card's account?
Ans: You can load up to 5000 to your card in a day.

Q: Can I make use of my prepaidcard for online shopping?
Ans: Yes, you can easily make purchases online anywhere it permits to MasterCard.

Q: Can I use ATM to withdraw cash from my card?
Ans: You can withdraw cash from the ATM, if it accepts master cards.

Q: How much amount I can withdraw from ATM in a single day?
Ans: One can withdraw the amount which you have in your account but not more than 500.