Barclays Platinum Credit Card

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It provides flexible credit limit and contactless payment facilities. Its very easy for card users to pay balance up to 15.
Credit card offers:
APR 16.9%(variable).
No interest on balance transfer(for 16 months) and on purchases (3 months) in the beginning of account opening.
Credit limit 250(minimum).
No annual fee.
Grace period is 56 days.
It provides protection of identity.
It monitors the frauds by proving chip and pin number.
It provides worldwide assistance.
It provides cash advances and card replacement services in case lost and theft.
It provides 24 hours customer care service.
Issuer Bank-Barclays Bank
  Eligibility criteria:  
To apply for the credit card:
To apply for the credit card:
Appliers should have good credit rating.
There should not be any history of bankruptcy.
Payments must have made on time.
Minimum age is 21.
Appliers should not have already Barclays credit card.
Q: On what number one should call for any query?
Ans: The number is + 44 1604 234234.

Q: Is customer care service open for 24 hours?
Ans: Yes, customer may call any time ,lines are open 24 hours.

Q:Does this card provide worldwide assistance?
Ans: Yes, it provides worldwide support.

Q: What kind of protection services it provides?
Ans: It provides purchase delivery protection, emergency cash advance and cash  Replacement.