Account Now Prepaid Visa And Master Card

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Account now is a faithful trade name which offers numerous facilities to its clients. Right now it is serving more than 40 million customers without any credit check. It also helps to improve the credit of its customers.

To load your card you can direct your salary /wages/paychecks in your card's account with the help of direct deposit.
You can load money to your prepaid card at above 135,000 places.
You can utilize your master card to make the payments of airline's tickets, car rentals etc and to make purchases online.
You can load your card by purchasing Green Dot Money Pak, Western Union, Money Gram, Visa Ready Link (only Visa) and can get cash immediately.
Users can get cash any time as above one-million ATM's are available globally.
You can apply online to get your prepaid master card.
Users can use their card any where Debit Visa or MasterCard is acceptable.
There is no charge for overdraft as users can spend only that amount which they have loaded in their pare paid card.

Issued by MetaBank
To apply you will have to submit your following details:
  • Complete name:
  • E-mail address:
  • Phone number:
  • Mailing address:
  • Social security number (SSN):
  • U.S address:
1)Fees to activate the card = no fees
2)To load card by cash = no fees
3)Withdraw cash through ATM =$2.50
4)Withdraw cash through international ATM =$4.95
5)Monthly charges =$9.95
  Customer care service:  
For general queries you can make call on: 866.925.2036
For business related matters call on: 801.559.3320
Or you can also mail on:
Email [email protected]
To know details regarding account:
Q: what is the procedure to activate the Account Now prepaid card?
Ans: Users can call on 866-224-0169 to activate your Prepaid Visa card.

Q: What is the required age to apply for the Prepaid Master Card?
Ans: The required least age to apply is 14.

Q: what do I do to apply for the Account now card?
Ans: You can apply online by visiting the official website or you can also make call on 866-925-2036 to signup.

Q: How much time it will take to replace my card if I lose it?
Ans: You can get your replacement card within 5to7 working days but with some extra charges you can get it within three working days.

Q: How much money I will have to pay to sign-up?
Ans: There is no charges applicable to sign-up for the accountnow card.