MoneyCorp Prepaid Foreign Cash Card

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Prepaid Foreign Cash Card is a card for those consumers who suffering problem with interest rate, or make trip outside country. It is prepaid and reloadable card available in 14 currencies worldwide. The customer can make purchases or shop online according to convenience.

Rich Features

The Prepaid Foreign Cash Card carries some more attractive features that are listed below:

  • Type of Multi-currency prepaid card.

  • Treat like visa card.

  • Available in 14 currencies.

  • It can used anywhere in the world where VISA logo mark available.

  • Safer than carrying cash.

  • No Bank account is required to apply the card.

  • The card has no links to the bank account still the funds are protected if the card gets lost or stolen.

  • Better alternative to traveller's cheques.

  • No Additional fees charged by the issuer.

  • The cardholders can reload your prepaid card online.

  • No ATM fees when you withdraw money from ATM.

  • NO Charges and any rate when you make purchases outside UK.

  • It does carry a 3% ATM and store purchase fee when using it inside the UK from the sterling wallet.

  • It is PIN protected prepaid card.

  • Free online access to balance and transaction history, SMS text services, including PIN reminders.

  • Customers can activate extra card features and load more currencies online by applying for a Multi-currency Explorer card at

  • The card contains the currencies including US dollar, Euro, British sterling, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Danish krone, Hong Kong dollar, Japanese yen, New Zealand dollar, Norwegian krone, South African rand, Swiss franc, Swedish krona, Singapore dollar.

Card Issuer / Service Provider

The "Prepaid foreign cash card" has been launched by partnership between currency specialist Moneycorp and Visa. The card carries a broad array of services for their cardholders to fulfil their needs.

Customer Care
If you have any query regarding the card contact them at-
Customer Services: 08009101604
The business customer can call at- +44 (0) 20 7823 7400
Fax at: +44 (0) 20 7823 7711
For enquiries Email at: [email protected]
United Kingdom (Head office)
2 Sloane Street
London SW1X 9LA
United Kingdom
Trading office is located at:
100 Brompton Road
London SW3 1ER
United Kingdom
For more details visit:
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