FREEDOM Eagle Cash Card

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FREEDOM Eagle Cash Card is one of the best-prepaid MasterCard available at all high retail stores and online ( The Freedom Card is a Chip & PIN prepaid MasterCard® that gives you the easy, secure and confident way to online manage and control your cash money, wages, benefits, send money transfer funds with instant load money options.


There is no restriction to buy the prepaid card.

  • You must be above 18 years to buy a prepaid card.

  • You must be UK residential or have a UK address.

  • It requires passport or other ID proof for approval.


The card offers an array of key benefits that are listed below:

  • The card comes under the category of Prepaid MasterCard.

  • 100% guaranteed approval card.

  • Accepted worldwide where MasterCard logo displays.

  • The card known as best prepaid card, which is safer than carrying cash.

  • It offers an additional card called the companion card, which is best for your family members.

  • The Parents can load the your card with funds instantly and FREE of charge.

  • No bank is required to get the card.

  • NO Credit check is required.

  • Accepted worldwide at over 30 million locations.

  • You can earn cashback when you shop online.

  • The card is protected by chip and PIN security.

  • The cardholders can manage your account online or by SMS.

  • Get the Wages paid direct to your card.

How can I get the card?

The interested customers can purchase at high retail stores and also apply online at the card's official website. Simply,

  • Go to the website:

  • Click on 'Buy Now'.

  • Choose the card design or you can create your own card as per you identity like family pictures, passport etc.

  • If you want to create your own card then click on 'Buy now'.

  • Design your card as per your requirement.

  • When you designed your card then click on 'NEXT'.

  • You can see a preview of your card. If you're happy with your card, click on 'Next'.

  • Enter your email address with conformation email id.

  • Click on 'Submit'.

  • After a couple of seconds you will get a mail on your email id or call on your mobile.

  • Now, activate your card and access anywhere in the worldwide.

For more details visit the website:

Card benefits

  • Freedom Prepaid MasterCard® gives you the option between a Standard Limit Card (No ID required) and a Higher Limit Card (Basic ID required)

  • You can always upgrade your Freedom card to have bigger limits at any time within 12 months of activating your Freedom Card with no cost.

  • It also offers you two different competitive tariffs, Pay As You Go and Unlimited.

  • The card also allows you to shop instore, online and withdraw cash wherever you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

  • Best Customer Services.

  • FREE Insurance protection

  • 30 days Purchase and Price protection.

  • Exclusive instant instore discounts of up to 44% at over 20,000 retailers nationwide

  • You can establish, improve and repair your credit rating

How to activate the card

If you are trying to activate your older black Freedom card then you will need to contact your customer services. The new cardholders can activate your prepaid card after entering your card number and Date of birth. Click on 'Activate'. Like this complete all the steps. After activation you can enjoy all the benefits.

Card Issuer

The card is issued by Transact Network under a licence by MasterCard International Incorporated.

Contact Details

If you have any issue regarding the card can call at-

UK Customer Service: 0207-147-1603

If you are outside of UK: +44 (0) 207-147-1603

Email at: [email protected]

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