First Premier Prepaid MasterCard

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First Premier card is prepaid mastercard that has relaunched with more benefits and competitive offers for their customer. It is such type of card that looks a debit or credit card but their function is just like pay-as-you-go mobile phones.

This Premier Mastercard is best modern way to manage your money with security features. This card is standard credit or debit card means you can spend only those values what you have uploaded on your card account. It also offers online services that means you can shop online, pay bills, reserve tickets or flight and restaurant bill also.

First Premier Prepaid MasterCard features
The First Premier offers an array of Prepaid mastercard features that are listed below:
It's a new First Premier Prepaid MasterCard with more competitive offers and rates.
Issued by the bank called "Newcastle Building Society" but the services is provides by "First Premier Bank".
It is Prepaid Card so you can spend only those values what you have uploaded.
Offers online services also.
Universal accepted card means the customer use it everywhere, the mastercard logo mark displays.
If you create your web account, you can view your card balance, check your recent transactions, and upload funds and more options available.
The card helps you keep in control of your cash.
You can withdraw cash from most high street banks.
Whenever you issue this card you will have to pay the issue fee of 8.95 includes purchase and activation.
The card also offer the additional card but you will have to charge the amount of 4
There are various options to load the funds include PayPoint, Post Office, debit account, credit card and more.
The transaction fee is free for purchase transactions made in the UK.
There is 2% of transaction amount where the transaction is performed in a different currency to that of the card.
The service fee is 1.00 for monthly management and free replacement PIN.
You can contact to customer care without any charge.
The replacement card fee is 3.99 per card.
There is fee of 10.00 per disputed transaction.
The card is valid for 18 months.
Card Issuer

The First Premier Prepaid MasterCard is issued by the bank called "Newcastle Building Society" but the services is provides by "First Premier Bank". The card is available at

Contact Details

If you have any query regarding the card services, call at- 01753 778647

For lost or stolen cards call 0800 0835284 (24 hours, 7 days a week).

Postal Address:
Payment Card Technologies
PO BOX: 67528
London - EC2P 2HU

For more information visit the First Premier Prepaid MasterCard website:

Or bank website

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