Walmart Money Visa Prepaid card

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The Wal-Mart Money card is issued by GE Money Bank, that is member of FDIC.The Walmart moneycard is not a device that accesses money in an individual checking or saving account. When you use the Prepaid debit card Walmart the value of the card and not making a withdrawl from a deposit account. Its not a credit card or charge card that allows you to make purchases or obtain advance and you can pay later.The Walmart cash card occur more rich features that are listed below :
Features of Wal-Mart Money Card :
There is no credit check required.
Bank account is not required .
Activate it by a calling toll free at (877) 965-7848 (that is provided by online).
There is no issuance fee.
No overdraft fees .
Free Direct Deposit .
Get 1% cash back for gas purchases nationwide.
$10 bonus with qualifying Direct Deposit.
Where you can use walmart money Card ?:
Its acceptable.You can purchases everywhere.
You can get cash back when you make a purchases from walmart stores or Sam's club or other merchants that accept debit visa card or PIN based cards.
You can't use your walmart card if:
You have to obtain more than $400 cash from ATM's each day.
You have to purchase more than $3,000 (or the amount on your Card, if less) worth of goods or services (including any cash back) in point-of-sale transactions each day.
Fees and Charges:
Foreign Transactions - 2%
Rush Delivery of Personalized Card $20.00
Lost/Stolen Replacement Personalized Card $3.00
Teller Cash Transaction $2.00
Monthly Maintenance Fee $3.00
ATM Balance Inquiry $1.00
ATM Cash Transaction - International $2.00.
ATM Cash Transaction - Domestic $2.00.
Check cashing $3.00.