World Talk 5

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The World Talk 5 card is a Calling card that is basically used to make a calls. It is an international calling card meaning you can use it domestic and international both. It offers best calling rates and features for their customer.

World Talk 5 Features
It offers an array of calling card features:
  • International Calling Card means you can make a call globally.
  • It doesn't operate in the telephone.
  • The World Talk may apply a connection or maintenance fee.
  • Access numbers for UK is 08081689701 - 02070280367 - 08456130010
How to use World Talk Calling Card Features
There are following steps -
  • Step 1st: Dial Access number for getting phonecard services.

    For Nationwide Local Access Dial: 0845 613 0010

    For London local Access Dial: 0207 028 0367

    Free Access Dial: 0808 168 9701 and

    For BT Payphone Access: 0800 051 5936

  • Step 2nd: Enter 10 digit PIN numbers on the prompt box.

  • Step 3rd:
  • Dial the number you wish to call including -

    Local Calls: Dial (Area Code) + (Local Number)

    International Calls: Dial (00) + (country Code) + (Area Number) + (Local Number)
To make a follow on calls, Press ###.

To save PIN enter *5,

To cancel PIN enter *9,

Last number redial *1

Service Provider
The WORLD TALK CALLING CARD can get from any of the retail shops.
Customer Care
The Card enable customers have any query call at 02070280088
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