White 5 calling card

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White 5 calling card is a best calling card that offers a best calling card features. It is an international calling card means you can use it anywhere in the world. This calling card doesn't offer daily maintenance and no connection fee. It is a good card to call anywhere in the world.

White 5 calling card Features
It offers an array of calling card features with best call rate:
  • It is an international calling card i.e. used anywhere in the world.

  • Best Calling rates.

  • NO Connection Fee.

  • NO maintenance Fee.

  • Actual value of this white calling card is 5 but you can purchase at 5.25 from any retail shops.

  • This card is designed to work from a UK landline or UK mobile phone only.

  • It doesn't work when you insert in telephone.

  • This phonecard is a best card with good minutes to call anywhere in the world.

  • Card expires with in 90 days from first use.

How to use the White 5 calling card
There are following instructions to use this card.
  • S1: The First Step is Dial access numbers to utilize white calling card services. The calling card access number is given below:

    FreePhone Access Number - 0800 097 6591

    Local Access Number - 7097 6591

    National Access Number - 0845 025 6591

    T-Mobile Access Number - 0080092830010

  • S2: Enter ten digit numbers on the prompt box.

  • S3: Dial the number you wish to call including full area code such as

    If you make a local calls dial Dial(Area Code) + (Local Number).

    If you wish to make a international calls dial (00) + (country Code) + (Area Number) + (Local Number).

  • S4: To make a follow on call, Press ##

Service Provider
You can purchase the White 5 calling card from any phonecard retail shops. The Services provided by "Globalcomservices (FNT Logistics)"
Customer Care
To solve your query the card issuer provides 24/7 online / phone services for their customer.

Customer services - 0207 097 2480
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