Telco Gold Phone Card 5

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Telco Gold Phone Card 5 is a Fantastic calling card to make a call international and domestic both. It offers good quality and great rates to their customer.

Telco Gold Phone Card 5 features
It provides a wide variety of Telco gold calling card features:
    Telco Gold is an International Phone Calling Card.
  • It offers good quality and Great rates.
  • 5p daily maintenance charge applies from first usage.
  • All rates apply 24/7. Calls are charged per minute and rounded to the nearest penny.
  • 0.5p surcharge per minute applies on the 0207 access.
  • A daily maintenance charge of 5p will apply from first usage of a card.
  • A monthly fee of fifty pence applies.
  • Card expires 90 days after first usage.
  • Connection and maintenance fee apply.
  • Collect reward points. Whenever you buy phone card you will collect -
    1. 1 point for a 5 phone card
    2. 4 points for a 10 phone card
    3. 10 points for a 20 phone card
How to use Telco Gold phone Card
The Steps to use this card are
  • S1 - Dial the access number whatever you want to use like -

    For Free Access dial 0800 594 0544

    For Local Access dial 0845 451 0544 and

    For London Access dial 020 7124 0544

  • S2 -Wait for message and listen carefully.

  • S3 -
  • Enter PIN in the prompt box.

  • S4 -
  • Enter Destination Number including full international code.

  • S5 -
  • To make a follow-on call without hanging up, press ##.

  • S6 -
  • To redial last number dialled on pin press*7

0800 calls made from a payphone will incur a surcharge.

For more inquiry please call UK Customer Services on: 0845 451 0545

Service Provider
The Card and services provided by "SA Services Limited".
Customer Care
If your card does not work call at - 0845 451 0545
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