StarCall Phone Card

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StarCall Phone, a prepaid phonecard offering lots of calling card features like toll and local access numbers, low maintenance fee, best calling rate, and many more. Like other calling card, it also provides competitive calling rates and High Quality connection.

StarCall Phone Card Features

Broad array of StarCall card features are listed below:

Prepaid Call Card

Used for Domestic and Overseas Calling.

The Card value is $10.00

Provides the lowest long distance calling rates for multiple destinations.

The Card associated without any connection fee PIN free access numbers.

The card offers Local Access number is free of charge.

The Maintenance fee of the card is 69c/week

The Card is valid for 90 days only.

The card consists of English, Russian prompt languages. But the customer can change the prompt language by pressing couple of numbers or symbols like press *0 for English, *1 for Spanish, *2 for Bulgarian, *3 for Polish, *4 for Tagalog, *5 for Portuguese, *6 for Russian, *7 for Romanian, *8 for Mandarin, *9 for Arabic.

Rounding is 3 minutes/call

Provides the toll free access without any charge.

The card charges the Service Taxes & Surcharges of up to 20%

Pay phone charge is 99c.

How to activate the StarCall Card on Phone
There are following steps to activate the StarCall Card.
  • Dial Toll Free Access Number

  • Wait for "Welcome Message".

  • Enter PIN, wait for a prompt

  • Dial your Destination Number with area code and access numbers like

    • For International call dial (011 + Country code + City code + Phone number)

    • For Domestic call dial (1 + Area code + Phone number)

  • If no connection is established in 30 seconds, press star, star, pound, zero (**#0).

  • The number will automatically redial.

  • To dial a different number, stay on the line, press star, star (**) and then dial a new number.

Card Service Provider, a general distributor, provides "StarCall Phone Card". The services are provided by the telecommunication called "NTC". NTC is a telecom service provider.
Customer Care

If the customer have any issue contact to customer care:

Customer Services: 1-800-219-6993, 1-617-861-4107

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