Partner Prepaid Calling Card

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Partner Phone Card is an overseas-prepaid calling card offering permanent PIN option, and PIN free access services for their elite customer. It is best for either business or personal purposes.

Partner Prepaid Calling Card Features

Partner is a Prepaid Phonecard.

Used as Overseas calls.

Provides high quality connection, low rates and ease of use.

Partner calling card has a Maintenance Fee of $0.59 biweekly

It offers excellent customer services.

PIN Free Access Services available so the customer can add more funds on your phone card.

Unlimited Validity Period.

The Partner-call card expires when the cardholder doesn't refill within 10 months.

There is no charge on connection service.

Maintenance fee is up to 59 c/biweekly.

Rounding is 3 min.

It offers toll free access numbers and local access numbers. 1-800-396-9353 for USA, 1-800-822-1047 for USA Hawaii and 1-800-796-6235 for Canada.

The customers have to pay Service Taxes & Surcharges, which is of 15% of the total.

99c for pay phone charge.

Calling Card Activation Instruction

Dial Access Number and wait for the prompt.

When you hear the prompt, you can select another prompt language.

NOTE: Press-*0 for English, *1 for Spanish, *2 for Bulgarian, *3 for Polish, *4 for Tagalog, *5 for Portuguese, *6 for Russian, *7 for Romanian, *8 for Mandarin, *9 for Arabic.

Enter your PIN number and wait for the prompt.

Dial your destination number:

  • For International Calls: 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number

  • For calls to/within the US and Canada: 1 + Area Code + Phone Number

If no connection is established in 30 seconds, press star, star, pound, zero (**#0) and the number will automatically redial.

To dial a different number, press star, star (**) and then dial a new number.

Card Service Provider

The customer can use this card for business or personal purpose because the card contains more features and services. "NTC Telecom Company" provides the calling card Services.

Contact by Phone

If the Partner Calling Card's customers have any issue regarding connection quality or your card stop working, call to customer care:

From USA: 1-800-219-6993

From other countries: 1-617-861-4107

For more details visit:

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