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OzPhonecard.com.au offer a wide variety of good quality calling card for calling all over the world. It is best quality prepaid phonecard to make call overseas and Australia also. Using OZ calling card, you can save up to 90% of your home phone bill by using phone cards to call overseas, interstate or mobiles.

Key Features
The Oz prepaid calling card has taken up by lots of attractive features that are listed below:
  • Prepaid calling card for long distance.

  • It can be used to make a call for overseas.

  • Oz calling card can be used to access the Internet.

  • $0 connection fee.

  • No Services Charges.

  • Best Customer services so the customer can access 24 hours a day.

  • NO Hidden charges.

  • NO Surcharges.

  • The Card expires after 6 months if you don't refill you card within due date.

  • Phone cards Rates show in $AUS per minute based on local access dialling.

  • If you buy $50 calling card, you can receive an extra 10% worth of value FREE.

How to Activate the Oz calling Card

Follow a couple of steps to activate your calling card -

  • Dial the local access phone number from your city.

  • Select language and enter your pin following by " # "key.

  • To make National call, dial area code + phone number + press " # "key.

  • To make international calls dial: 0011 + country code + area code + phone number.

  • To make additional calls without hanging up dial '# #' when the other party hangs up.

For more details visit: www.ozphonecard.com.au
Card Service Provider

The Oz Calling card and the services is provided by the "OzPhoneCard.com.au" website. To get the card, simply go to the official website called www.ozphonecard.com.au, order it by sign in your account. The telecom company will mail you the "Oz calling card" at your destination.

Contact Details

If you have any issue you can contact them at-

Customer Support: [email protected]

You can write them at:

Mailing address:
Ozprepaidcards Pty Ltd.
Leighton Park Business Centre
45/51 Leighton Place
NSW 2077

For more details visit: www.ozphonecard.com.au

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