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MidEast is prepaid phone card means you have to pay first before using. This calling card is easy to use, which offers a couple of features like clear connection, low rates and no hidden fees. It is designed for those individuals who have business international or in foreign.

Mid East Calling Card Features
A list of med east calling card features are given below:
The Mideast Calling Card is Prepaid Calling Card.
The customer or the individuals can use it for domestic & international calls.
The Cardholder can make call from the Middle East to anywhere in the world at extremely low rates and save up to 70%.
There is no hidden fee.
It is easy to use.
Offers good quality connection without any connection fee.
Also called Low Rate Calling Card.
Maintenance Fee is up to 69c/week
Offering clear connections and reliable service to its customers.
It offers toll free and local access numbers without any charge.
Service taxes & Surcharges is 12% of the total.
Pay Phone is Charge is 99c.
The Card is valid for 3 months or 90 days.
It provides the prompt languages options, so the user can choose prompt languages according to their convenient.
Provides PIN-Less Calling Access feature (PIN-Less Access may not work during roaming).
The Card Offers trigger numbers all over the world, as well as SMS trigger.
Minute Balance Announcement system will calculate your minutes based on the rates of the country you are calling and the monetary balance of your account.
Monetary Balance Announcement means how much money is remaining in your account.
How to Activate
  • Step One: Dial Access Numbers like USA Continental: 1-888-661-3502 (for English), 1-888-661-3592 (Spanish), 1-888-520-8749 (Russian).

  • USA Hawaii: 1-800-822-1047

    Canada: 1-800-796-6235

  • Step Two: When you hear the prompt, you can select another prompt language.

  • To Select the Language press- *0 for English, *1 for Spanish, *2 for Bulgarian, *3 for Polish, *4 for Tagalog, *5 for Portuguese, *6 for Russian, *7 for Romanian, *8 for Mandarin, *9 for Arabic.

  • Step Three: Enter your PIN number and wait for the prompt.

  • Step Four: Dial your destination number:

    • For International Calls: 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number

    • For calls to/within the US and Canada: 1 + Area Code + Phone Number

  • Step Five: If no connection is established in 30 seconds, press star, star, pound, zero (**#0) and the number will automatically redial.

  • Step Six: To dial a different number, press star, star (**) and then dial a new number.

Service Provider

The telecommunication company called "NTC" provides the Service.

To apply for this calling card visit www.middleeast-callingcards.com

Contact Details

If the customers have any query regarding call connection, call details or other things, contact to the customer services. The customer line will open Mon-Fri 9:30AM-9PM EST, Sat 10AM-6PM EST, Sun 12PM-6PM EST.

Customer Services: Call at 1-800-219-6993 (from USA) and 1-617-861-4107 (from other countries)

For more information visit www.middleeast-callingcards.com

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