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Prepaid phonecard is pre-paid calling card in which you have paid first before making calls to same places or overseas.
This type of call card is PIN based card means when you dial into it with an access number, you can place phone calls without receiving a bill at a rate specified by the phone card carrier instead of your phone provider.

Prepaid Phone Card is best for those individual who can't effort post-paid calling card because the post-paid calling card offers high interest rate when you make calls from one to another destinations.

List of Prepaid PhoneCards / Calling Cards
There are list of Prepaid Calling Cards / Phone Cards, are listed below:

LUCKY Minutes Prepaid Calling Card
Lucky Minutes Calling Card, also called Overseas Call Card offers PIN Free Access and simple Refill features for their customer. The Customer can apply this calling card at

Partner Prepaid Calling Card
Partner prepaid phone card design for every person who needs to make frequent calls abroad in a simple and convenient manner.

StarCall Phone Card
StarCall Phone Card can be used to call all over the world, providing the lowest long distance calling rates for multiple destinations.

Simply PhoneCard
Simply prepaid calling card is best low calling rate phonecard that can be used from Canada, Puerto Rico, SA -Alaska, and USA - Continental.

MidEast Calling Card
MidEast, a prepaid calling card provides cheap long-distance calling rates to many Middle East countries with high quality connection.

Mariachi Prepaid Calling Card
Mariachi is a Prepaid phonecard that gives ultimate solution for calling to and from Mexico.

Solaris Calling Card
Solaris is a premium phonecard for calling from the USA and other 100 countries to any destination around the World.

Chopin Phone card
Chopin, a prepaid calling card can be used overseas calling foreign calls. It is designed for those individuals who have a business in international and do call frequently internationally. It is reloadable card means you can reload it.

Mozart calling card
Mozart Phone Card is an online prepaid calling card with permanent PIN option and no connection fee.

EL Toro phone card
The El Toro phone card is a Permanent PIN card with the handy Refill feature and PIN Free Access option.

Tigris calling card
Tigris Phone Card is a best card to call international or domestic. No need to pay connection fee and maintenance fee.

Sahara Phonecard/ Calling Card
Sahara Prepaid Calling Card are high quality connection phone card with clear sound, easy refill, permanent PIN, Toll Free Access and low Pay Phone Charges.

Everest Prepaid Calling Card
Everest Calling Card is a Prepaid calling Card offers very attractive features like low calling rate to make call abroad or international.

Oz Phonecard/ Calling Card
OZ prepaid calling card is best long distance at low rate phone card with no connection fee.
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