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A Prepaid phone Card or post paid call Card that can be used to pay for telephone Calls. There are varieties of calling cards in market like connection free calling card, Instant PIN Phone Card, credit based calling card, international calling card, and rechargeable prepaid calling card that offers best call features for their customer. International phonecard allows you call international as well as domestic.

The international calling card also known as long distance phonecard / calling cards because through it you can call international or in Overseas or outside overseas. Some calling cards are associated by PIN with a specific landline telephone account that why it's also called remote memory cards

List of International PhoneCards / Calling Cards
There are list of International Telephone Cards /Calling Cards / Phone Cards, are listed below:

World Connection Phone Card
World Connection is an international calling card that offers free connection when you make calls from one to another destination.

Euromama Prepaid Calling Card
Euromama is an international calling card that provides best calling features to their clients. It is one the most attractive phonecard that is available in a very low-cost.

Phone Bank Calling Card
Phone Bank is a calling card, which is available for international calls. It is a prepaid calling card, which is often cheapest option if you make calls of 30 minutes or more.

Jupiter Calling Card
Jupiter is a prepaid calling card that designed for both overseas and domestic calls. It is often called international calling card means you can make a call domestic and internationally.

Royal Call Phone Card
Royal Call Phone card is an international prepaid calling card provides lowest international calling rates from Canada to multiple destinations with high connection quality and also it can be used from USA.

Fast World Calling card
The FastWorld come-up with permanent PIN card with refill features and PIN free access option.

Saturn Phone Card
Saturn is a Prepaid International Calling Card provides competitive long-distance rates from the US and Canada to many countries with high quality connections.

AT&T Calling Card
The At&T Call Card is not a Prepaid refill Calling Card but it's an international Card with no connection and maintenance fees.

Centsible calling card For overseas calls and Phone
Centsible Calling Card is an international phonecard with crystal clear quality connections with much better international rates.

Mobile Caller PhoneCard
Mobile Caller Phone Card is a prepaid calling card used for domestic and international calls.

Eurotel Calling Card
Eurotel Calling Card is a Prepaid phone card available both for calls within or to USA, Canada or Caribbean and for international calls.

Infinity PhoneCard/ Calling Card
Infinity Calling card is an international phone card at no maintenance and call completion fee.

Penny Talk USA Calling Card
PennyTalk Calling Card offers a single integrated calling plan that includes pricing for all calling routes both within the United States and around the world.

Clear Choice PhoneCard
Clear Choice Phonecard is design for international calling with no connection and maintenance fee.

Express PhoneCard
Express phone card offers variety of calling card's features. It is best card for long distance and customers can make call to anywhere in the world at very low cost.

ZapTel Extreme Talk calling card
ZapTel Extreme Talk Time International phonecard is a low rate per minute card when the cardholders calling from the USA to any country.

Champion Phone Card
The Champion phone card, an international prepaid phone card with awesome features like low calling rates, no connection and maintenance fees, PIN Free Access, and high quality connection.
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