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A phone card or calling card or mobile card, which may be a Prepaid calling card or postpaid calling card that keeps printed or encoded information which allows the caller to pay the bills for phone calls.
A telephone or calling or phone card is a small plastic card that can be used for telephone services.
In size, the telephone card is just like a credit card, that can use for long distance travelling or outside the Overseas.

The calling card also known as international calling cards or long distance phonecard / calling cards because through it you can call international or in Overseas or outside overseas.

Some calling cards are associated by PIN with a specific landline telephone account that why it's also called remote memory cards. When the caller makes the calls then bills goes to associated account.

The calling cards also contains personal information like person' name, and personal contact information and many more things. Now days, this cards are mostly used in Business context that's why it's also known asBusiness Cards.

The Phone cards or business cards are mostly used in overseas like United State, Canada, UK, New Yorks, Alaska, and other overseas cities etc.
List of Phone / Calling Cards
There are list of UK Telephone Cards /Calling Cards / Phone Cards, are listed below:

Globe 5
The Globe is a phone card with specific features. The Global calling card contains a lot of specific features with many calling benefits and their services.It is good quality phone card that can be used anywhere in the world means you can call globally by this phonecard.

Speaknsave phonecard 5
Speak n save mango card is a calling card which has a wide variety of benefits. It is UK based Prepaid calling card / phone card with unique features.

iPhone Phonecard 1
IPhone card is prepaid calling card that is used by UK residential. IPhone calling card is one of the most popular prepaid telecards with great rates.

Telco Phonecard 1
Telco is most popular phone card that is provided by Onetel Telecommunications ltd. UK. People can get benefits after dialling access numbers.

Blue Sky Phonecard 5
Blue Sky card is a Prepaid phone card, which has lots of pros with great calling services. Blue Sky Phone card is a best way to save money on long distance bills every month.

O2 UK International Calling Card 5
O2 international phone card is a new calling card offers competitive rates of 1P / minute. It is designed for those individual who does travel very frequently or Businessmen.

Africa First 5 Phonecard
Africa First 5 phone cards is an international calling cards that can be used in anywhere in the world or also in overseas.

Baby talk 1 Calling Cards
It is global calling card which is provided by RNK Communications. It is UK based phonecard that offers comprehensive calling rates for their customer.

Global Connect Phonecard is an international calling card that provides cheap rates for Domestic as well as international calling.

Best4Minutes 5 Calling card
Best4Minutes 5 Calling card is an international calling card that is issued by phone card site. The phone card range also includes Mobile Saver card that makes international calling from your mobile phone.

Idt Nelson Mandela Phonecard 5
IDT NELSON MANDELA 5.00 is a new international calling card that is issued by IDT card Services Ireland Ltd.

Call Home 5 Phonecard
Call Home 5 is a calling card that can be used globally. It is often called international calling card means you can call Domestic and international both.

Telco Gold Phone Card 5
Telco Gold Phone Card 5 is a Fantastic calling card to make a call international and domestic both. It offers good quality and great rates to their customer.

World Talk 5
The World Talk 5 card is a Calling card that is basically used to make a calls. It is an international calling card meaning you can use it domestic and international both.

White 5 calling card
White 5 calling card is an international calling card that offers a best calling card features for their customer.

DOLPHIN 5 Phone Card
DOLPHIN 5 is an U.K based calling card that is used in a variety of destinations. This Phone card can be globally used so it's also known as international calling card.

Telco Europe phone card 5
Telco Europe Calling card is an International Phone Calling card that offers great rate to Europe from the UK. 4. It also offers fantastic rates on calls too 100s of countries from a wide range of international phone cards.

HELLO United Kingdom Calling Card
Hello United Kingdom Calling card is an international calling card that has no connection and maintenance fee. The Hello UK calling card perfectly works in 14 major cities of the UK.
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