Union One Phone Card (Calling Card)

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Union One Calling Card is an international phone card that services is provided by an ETT Company. It is a prepaid calling card, which can be used from United States to call international countries. This calling card provides cheap international and domestic rates.

Union One-Phone Card Features
Union One-Phone Card offers some best calling card features that are listed below:
  1. Cheap international calling card means you can use it globally.
  2. Toll Free and Local access numbers provided.
  3. Services provided by ETT Company.
  4. If you want to know more information call 1-866-231-9127
  5. PIN Authentication
  6. The actual price of this card is $19.91
  7. Union One (800 & Local Access) contains Pin less Dialling and Balance Transfer / Refill Features.
How to Use / Operate Union One-Phone Card
PinLess Dialing that associates your number
  • Dial access number.
  • Enter your phone card PIN #.
  • Enter your destination number
  • Enter #15#1+your phone number# to associate your phone number with the PIN.
  • If you want to use your phonecard next time,simply call the same access number there will not be a need to enter PIN anymore.
PinLess Dialing that Un-associates your number
  • Enter access number and dial it.
  • Enter your Destination number at the prompt box.
  • Enter #16#1+your phone number# to de-associate your phone number with the PIN.
  • Once completed, it should prompt that your number has been de-associated with the PIN.
  • You may continue using the phone card as a normal phone card by entering PIN each time when you want to make a call.
Card Service Provider

The service provider / Issuer of this card is "ETT Company"

Customer Care

If you want to know more information call 1-866-231-9127

Toll Free Number(s): 1-800-981-7959 (English), 1-800-695-5741(Spanish), 1-800-685-0627 (Chinese), 1-800-697-2098 (Arabic), 1-800-697-2819 (Hindi), 1-800-805-6984 (Vietnamese)

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