Silver Calling Card

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Silver Phone Card is international prepaid calling card that is delivered to the customer at very discounted rates. Through this calling card you can manage your long distance phone bills online. If you buy this silver phone card, you can make savings on your domestic calls and international calls.
It is an international phonecard so you can use it from any phone (your home phone, cell phone, work phone or payphone).
Silver Phone Card phone card offers Great Saving, Premium quality and 100% satisfaction guarantee to the phone cardholder.

Silver Calling Card Features
The best calling card features are listed below:
  • Prepaid Calling Card.

  • Services Delivered by AT&T.

  • International calling card means you can make calls from USA to abroad but not vice-versa.

  • NO Connection fees.

  • NO Hidden fees on calls.

  • NO taxes charged by the company.

  • It charges the maintenance fee of up to 79.0 Weekly.

  • Payphone surcharges is up to 79.0 per call.

  • The Silver phone card is validating for 3 months after first use.

  • Minute information is based on entire card being used in ONE single call.

  • You will have to pay service fee, which is up to 30%.

  • Great Saving, Premium quality calling card

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • It offers PIN less dialling and speed dialling features for customer's facility.

  • Best Phonecard for USA and other countries like abroad and also for India.

  • Provides recharge and auto-recharge option.

  • You can use it from home, office, hotel and more.

  • NO Shipping cost.

  • Pay-as-you-go payment method.

  • Get your PIN instantly & start making calls.

  • Offers Excellent Customer Service.

How to activate Silver Phone Card
  • S1: Enter 1-800-471-7135

  • S2: Enter your Instant PIN

  • S3: For domestic calls dial: 1 + area code + Number.

  • S4: For international calls, dial 011 + country code + city code + Number.

  • S5: For additional calls, don't hang up. Press and hold the # button and follow the prompts.

For Domestic Customer Service please call at 1-888-697-4696.
Card Service Provider
The telecom company called "AT&T telecom" delivered the card and its services for their customer. The individuals can purchase this calling card at participated retail shops or online.
Contact by Phone
If the customer have any issue call at 1-888-697-4696, 1-800-930-9918

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