Lucky 7 Phone card

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Lucky 7 phone card often called international calling card that offers advance calling card services for inexpensive long distance and international calling. It is a prepaid Phone card that provides cheap international and domestic call rates for their customer. The Lucky 7 prepaid phone cards can be used from United States to call international countries.

Lucky Phone Card Features
Lucky 7 prepaid phone cards offers some best calling card features that are listed below:
  1. International Calling Card.
  2. The Price of this card is $3, $5
  3. You can access the system and authentication via PIN or Caller Id.
  4. You can access your Address book and make calls directly with the offered Lucky7call Sofphone software that runs as and ActiveX application in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  5. PIN Authentication
  6. ANI/ Caller-ID Authentication
  7. Voucher Recharge Support
  8. Account Recharge Support via IVR Interface
  9. Authorized Caller-ID Management via Web or Phone
  10. Distinctive Ringing for Speed Dial Numbers
  11. Speed Dial Managed by Subscriber
  12. Multi-Call Support within a single initial call
  13. Web Management of Authorized Caller ID lists
  14. Web Call History Management
  15. Web Statement and Balance Information
  16. Lucky 7 has Pin less Dialling Feature
How to Use / Operate Lucky seven calling card
Pin Less Dialling that associates your number
  • Dial access number whatever is given on phonecard.
  • Enter your Phone Card PIN #.
  • Afterwards it will send you a message, enter your destination number.
  • Enter #15#1 + your phone number # to associate your phone number with the PIN.
  • You may continue dialling your destination number or simple hang up.
  • To use your phone card next time, simply call the same access number there will not be a need to enter PIN anymore.
Pin Less Dialling that unassociates your number
  • Dial access number
  • Enter your destination number
  • Enter #16#1+your phone number# to de-associate your phone number with the PIN.
  • Once completed, it should prompt that your number has been de-associated with the PIN.
  • You may continue using the phone card as a normal phone card by entering PIN each time when you want to make a call.
Service Provider

The service Provider of this phone Card is "ET Company"

Contact Detail

If the customer have any problem or his / her card is not working call at -

Customer Service: 1-866-231-9127

Toll Free Number(s): 1-800-990-3498 (English), 1-800-659-5741 (Spanish)
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