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GLOBAL CALL is a calling card that offers a best calling rate with $20 price. It is best quality phone card used in USA. The card offering best calling rate, best features in a low rate and many more. With this calling card you can make a calls from domestic and internationally.

Global Call Phone Card Features
If offers an array of calling card features:
  1. International Calling card.
  2. Types of Prepaid card. Offers Cheap rates for Domestic and International Calls.
  3. You can make calls from United State to other country but not vice vers.
  4. Best Connectivity and best calling card.
  5. It's brought up with pin less dialing features.
  6. The Price of this card is $20.
  7. Use local access to receive maximum minutes delivered.
How to use Global Call Phone Card with Pin less Dialing
PinLess Dialing that associates your number

The Pin less features is easy to use. Simply associate your number once you purchase the phone card. You will no longer require entering PIN number as long as the phone card value is not exhausted. Once the phone card value is exhausted, simply make another purchase and repeat the same steps. The following steps are:
  • Dial access number.
  • Enter your phone card PIN #.
  • Enter your destination number
  • Enter ** and follow the money.
  • Then the message says, "Your task is completed". Next time when you call the access number, you will no longer need to enter your pin.
PinLess Dialing that Un-associates your number
  • Dial access number.
  • Enter your destination number.
  • Enter ** and follow the menu to de-associate your phone number with the PIN.
  • Once completed, it should prompt that your number has been de-associated with the PIN.
  • You may continue using the phone card as a normal phone card by entering PIN each time when you want to make a call.
Card Service Provider

A "DPE Company" an US based telecom company provider best calling features in a best calling rates.

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If you have any query call at 1-888-730-8914

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