CURRY Phone Card (Calling Card)

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CURRY phone card is a prepaid calling card whose services are provided by "ET" Company. It offers an array of card features like good connectivity, best calling rates, online facility, and you can purchase it in best price that will comfortable for you. The Curry phone card provides cheap rates for domestic and international calls. With CURRY international calling card, your long distance phone bills can be made manageable. It is often called international calling card so it can be used to call any country from the United States but not vice-versa.

CURRY Phone Card Features
It has best calling card features that are listed below:
  1. It is prepaid calling card that can be used for domestic and international.
  2. Offers cheap rates for domestic and international.
  3. CURRY Calling Card above $20 without charge $1 fees.
  4. The price of this phone card will be $1.98, $2.87, $4.79, $8.99 and $18.99
  5. Curry Phone Cardholder can make a call from united state but not from any other city.
  6. It is long distance calling card so you can manage your long distance phone bills.
  7. The curry prepaid phone card provides Toll Free and Local access numbers.
  8. It contains pinless dialling features and Balance transfer / Refill features.
  9. If your card does not work contact at this number 1-866-231-9127
How to use / operate the Curry calling card
PinLess Dialing with associating your number
  • Dial access numbers that are given on the card.
  • Enter your phone card PIN #.
  • Enter your destination number
  • Enter #15#1+your phone number# to associate your phone number with the PIN.
  • You may continue dialing your destination number or simple hang up.
  • To use your phone card next time, simply call the same access number there will not be a need to enter PIN anymore.
PinLess Dialing with unassociating your number
  • Dial access number.
  • Wait for message that says "Enter your destination number
  • Enter #16#1+your phone number# to de-associate your phone number with the PIN.
  • Once completed, it should prompt that your number has been de-associated with the PIN.
  • You may continue using the phone card as a normal phone card by entering PIN each time when you want to make a call.
How to PIN Refill/Balance Transfer
  • Dial Toll Free or Local Access Number
  • Enter old pin that you want to top up
  • When prompted for the destination number, press #7#rechargepin (new pin)#
  • Once this is done, system should prompt you with new balance and refill process is complete. You may discard the refill/recharge pin.
Service Provider

The Telecom Company called "ET" Company provides the Card services.

Customer Services

If you want to know more information call at 1-866-231-9127

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