Continental Phone Card

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The Continental Phone Card is USA based international prepaid calling card that doesn't charge any connection fee on international calls.
It is one of the most versatile calling cards on the market with highest quality service and low rates. It is a refillable calling card with PIN less dialing, speed dialing and online history access. The card doesn't charge connection fee and maintenance fee for making calls from one destination to another destination. This phonecard expires when no refill within 6 months.

Continental Phone Card Features
Continental Phone Card is an international calling card that contains best calling card features, listed below:
  • Continental calling card is an USA based calling card.

  • Often used an international call that's why it is called "International Prepaid calling card".

  • It is a refillable card so it offers PIN-less dialing, Speed Dialing features.

  • NO Connection Fee.

  • NO maintenance fee.

  • It provides toll free access numbers and local access numbers.

  • It charges the Service Taxes & Surcharges, which is up to 15%

  • There is a payphone charge of 99c

  • The Card is valid for 6 months from last refill and first use.

  • You can always transfer the balance from your card to any other refillable card.

  • PIN Free Access but it is only available in the USA and Canada.

  • You can call direct international without entering phone number or PIN.

  • Worldwide callback service with low rates.

  • You can use your PC-to-Phone service with any SIP soft phone with low rates, and no connection fees.

  • You can add minutes on your card by sending an SMS message.

  • It offers Prepaid Conferencing Service with an unlimited number of participants - at a low cost of 2.4 cents/minute (in the US).

  • It is global card means you can make calls out of state & out of country not within the state.

How to Use / Activate Continental Calling Card
To activate your card there are following steps:
  • Step 1: Dial Access numbers

  • Step 2: Enter your PIN number and wait for the prompt.

  • Step 3: Dial your destination number and press the pound (#) key for better connection.
    • For International Calls: 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number + #

    • For calls to/within the US and Canada: 1 + Area Code + Phone Number + #

  • Step 4: If no connection is established within 20 seconds, please hang up and try again.

Card Service Provider

The Continental calling card and its services is delivered by the phone card service provider website called

Customer Care
If you have any issue regarding connection quality call at -

From USA: 1-800-219-6993

From other countries: 1-617-861-4107

For more information visit
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